Lou Schoen

Lou Schoen

Lou Schoen Passes Away

Lou Schoen Passed Away

DF's Lou Schoen addressing DTE audience @ Philips Community Center 2  (4)

Article Date: March 26 2022

Lou Schoen passed into the Spiritual World a few days ago and today a brief memorial service was held in Minneapolis.

A more detailed Obituary will be available shortly and will be shared on this page.

In lieu of flowers, The family prefers anyone wishing to make a donation, to one of Lou's many causes including The "Discussions That Encounter" that Lou Co-founded, make donations in care of Rev Agnew, Bill Keatts & Rosalind Sampson by contacting them at the following emails:
William Keatts [email protected]
Rev. Arthur Agnew [email protected]
Rosalind Sampson [email protected]

Cameraman Mike with Lou & Lyle after filming Discussions That Encounter Forum...Civil Rights Legend Dr Josie Johnson with DTE Co-Founders Lou Schoen, Rev. Agnew, Bill Keatts & Rosaland SampsonLou Schoen among Friends at Discussions That Encounter Forum  louBTG04 (5)Nat'l Civil Rights Leader Dr Josie Johnson with DTE Co-Founder Lou Schoen Peter Yarrow hanging with Lou & Lyle after Burnsville ConcertUM Prof Neil McKay (Spirit Lake Dakota) with Discussions That Encounter Co-Founders Lou, Rev Agnew, Bill & Rozzs

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Mitakuye Oyasin ("We're All Related" in Dakota language)